Sunday Nite

by flöat

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recorded between march & may 2016 in my bedroom.


released May 8, 2016

all sounds captured/performed by me
all songs written by me



all rights reserved


flöat Nottingham, UK

"double Olympian heather blore takes journey into homemade indie pop"

- Clare Balding 2018

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1:01 and i'm stuck on some quote,
rattling round like a can in the road:
"sitting round waiting for life to start
is the quickest way to break your heart".
small momentos & whispers of truth
tossed aside just like last week's news
& it gets to me more than i share
and i'm downplaying how much i care

but now it's time
to end the cycle
of compromise
and scared silence;
the sweetest crime

waiting patiently, biting my tongue
waiting for the moment i go wrong
doubts run deep through my rational brain
all these thoughts i wish i could explain
tell me softly that i could be right
tell me that you're not just filling time
cos it's clear you're not one to let go
all my darkness, i'd put it on hold

cos now it's time
to end the cycle
of compromise
and scared silence;
the sweetest crime.
Track Name: SUNDAY NITE.
i let a dark wind take me
with no resistance
cos i never thought that
it would call again
luck is a serpent's gamble,
a tired, shocking amble
to new moments
i never thought would occur

& it's sunday night
when my whole life floods my mind
and it bites.

we go in circles cos you
could never commit to
a person quite so difficult as me
& i know that i won't be your one
& you know that one day you'll move on
cos we're just killing, filling time.

but as for me
oh woefully
i will be, i'll be
a wind-bent tree
Track Name: INTERNALS.
i'm fireless
strung out, cold & aching
in the silence
in the distance someone's breaking

but i didn't mean it
so why would i do it?
i guess i just don't know myself at all
& under a cover
i play a brother
but i'm just the same;
i'm selfish

& i don't know
if i'm capable of satisfaction
or if i'm just a sullen soul,
sick with my own inaction

but i never said that i was
anything better than
what you have come to know
my thoughts are rhythmic,
swimming within me
reflecting all
that i don't know.